Coast,Colour, Canvas Gallery, Roskillys, Cornwall 7-13 August, 2021

Post COVID cancellations of 2020 Lin is thrilled to be a guest artist at the charming Coast, Colour, Canvas Gallery at Roskillys, near Coverack. This is a friendly and welcoming gallery which hosts guest exhibitors of high quality. The gallery is run by a group of talented artists who generously invite others to exhibit alongside them at this lovely location which has a nearby pottery, cafe and of course delicious Roskillys icecream. This area is a hidden gem in Cornwall with much to delight and inspire on its beautiful coast.
At Coast,Colour, Canvas gallery Lin will be exhibiting paintings, mixed media collages and handmade books along with unusual handmade cards inspired by this beautiful part of Cornwall. Do come along, a warm welcome awaits and the chance to speak directly to Lin about her work.