Lin Cudlipp
Contemporary South West of England based landscape artist.

Paintings begin with my passion for the landscape, a need to immerse myself in it, to observe, contemplate and absorb. I am drawn to its power and sublime beauty. Sketching begins on site, recording light, colour, weather, movement. In my studio, amidst the driftwood, rust and rocks the senses re-engage, memories return and the love affair with paint begins. Thick impasto and thin washes of paint are applied with brushes, palette knives, cloth and hands, construction and deconstruction in the search for the intangible essence of place, memories woven into the paint. Often additional materials are used to create surface texture, an additional element in the work which evokes landscape and enriches the visual language of the painting.
The paintings are an invitation to contemplate, to search your own experiences and familiarity with landscape, they place you on the edge of the unknown and offer space to breathe, you and the landscape are inextricable one.